Break Free



Can you relate to words like “bitterness,” “hate,” “,” “sadness,” “guilt,” “anxiousness,” “weariness,” “irritability,” and “hostility”? Do those words describe you? Our inner self is similar to a room with a limited capacity: there’s only so much area, and some things cannot coexist. Light and dark or hot and cold cannot coexist—it’s either one or the other. Our personality, demeanor, and attitude are much the same. If you harbor bitterness and hate in your heart, it’s difficult to be happy, experience joy, or express love. You’re either happy or you’re sad. Which will you choose?

Do “happiness,” “joy,” “peacefulness,” “friendliness,” “love,” “forgiveness,” “generosity,” “restfulness,” and “patience” best describe you? Consider these choices that we all, or most of us, face in our lives:


How hard is it to break free from the ball and chain that keeps you in this cycle of depression and despair? Is it possible to break free? Yes. By yourself, it can be very difficult. That’s why I’ve written this book: to outline a solution that really works.

The people I’ve written about, and I count myself among them, are real people with real problems of depression and thoughts of suicide. There is a solution. I’ve only written of a few people, but there are millions who have experienced the miracle of being saved by Jesus Christ. Why are there millions? Because it works, it’s real, and His love surpasses anything they or I have ever experienced.

Will your problems, issues, circumstances, and aches and pains disappear? Probably not. Will they improve and get better? Most assuredly—because now you will have a new friend who will help give you the ability and power to be stronger, change your circumstances, direct your path in righteousness, keep you clean from addictions, remove the hate and replace it with love, break those chains and shackles of depression, and fill your life with joy and happiness. The feeling of despair will be removed for good and replaced with the hope of eternal life.


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