Independence – Recovery Guide for Depression

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, an event which eventually led to the formation of the United States. Each year on July 4th, also known as Independence Day, Americans celebrate this historic occasion.
I’m one of those Americans who celebrate every year with family and friends, with barbecue, swimming, picnicking and fireworks. We live in a great country, and I appreciate the freedoms we have. I get frustrated with our representatives and their desire to take our freedoms away, but I continue to vote for representatives who protect the Constitution and align as closely as possible with my own views. I appreciate and like all the freedoms our country provides: of speech, religion and the pursuit of happiness, and our “freedoms” of career, travel, housing, food, education and free enterprise. The list goes on and on.
The feeling of being free is awesome; conversely, the feeling of being trapped or being forced to do something is terrible. I’ve had jobs where I felt forced to work because I needed a paycheck or I was trapped in a lifestyle of materialism to maintain a certain socio-economic status. I felt trapped because I was concerned about what someone thought of me or what they would say about me. Some of you may be trapped by drugs, alcohol or unsafe relationships or lifestyles. This feeling of being trapped can generate depression, hopelessness, despair and thoughts of suicide. Where does freedom come from? Can you shed these feelings that have such a strong grip on you? Yes, you can!
The freedom I’m discussing can only come from one source, which is Jesus Christ. In John 8:31-32, Jesus says, “If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
And in John 14:6: “Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father but by me.”
Real freedom comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Reading the Bible helps you understand and give direction to your life. A friend of mine was trapped in a life of drug abuse and distribution until he was arrested and forced to make a decision between serving time in prison or going to Teen Challenge. He chose Teen Challenge and discovered the life-changing experience he could have by asking Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sins and asking Him into his heart. My friend was tired of his lifestyle and prayed, asking Jesus for forgiveness and the strength to change. He was not disappointed. Jesus entered his heart, eradicating his past feelings, desires and addictions. He was finally free of the addictions, guilt and life that had haunted him. That was over twenty years ago. My friend found true dependence as he started a new life of prayer and Bible reading and a desire to please and serve God.
I appreciate the independence and freedoms we have in our country, and I’m extremely grateful for my relationship with Jesus Christ and the freedom and peace I experience daily through Him. If you’ve experienced this yourself, AMEN! If you have not, you can experience it by praying to Jesus, asking Him for forgiveness and asking him into your life.
True independence is just a prayer away!