Dream Big

So often, due to our circumstances, we limit our future. I remember applying for a job right after college with a major financial institution. The job I was applying for was an entry-level sales position, and the sales manager asked me what type of work my family was engaged in and other questions related to my background. Where did my mother and father work, what about my aunts and uncles, where did I attend high school and where did I live? Did my family belong to any country clubs? I remember leaving the interview with an attitude of defeat. Later, the sales manager said my family, friends and circle of potential clients was too weak for their business model, so they would have to pass on hiring me. They used my socio-economic status as a measure of my abilities. Their mistake. I’m still here and they’re no longer in existence. (I’m not bitter. LOL.) I was twenty-five, married and had just gotten my college degree, I was excited and couldn’t wait to launch my career and here’s this guy telling me that because of my circle of family and friends, I wasn’t qualified. I felt defeated and angry at the same time! My dream of being a successful financial planner had gone up in smoke. That was 1982; our country was going through some difficult times and I was collateral damage. At another job interview shortly after that first one, I went through the whole process, meeting with four or five people, but was rejected for lack of enough education. I didn’t struggle with this rejection for long but moved on and eventually was hired by a different company.

At the time, I was frustrated, discouraged and depressed; however, I continued to look for work. I wasn’t going to let circumstances throw cold water on my dreams. DREAM BIG! In hindsight, that first job gave me the necessary training and business relationships that I’ve benefited from over the years. Don’t let your current circumstances throw cold water on your dreams. Dream big! Your persistence will be rewarded. Sometimes dreams require sacrifice, but it will be worth it. If it’s good, healthy and legal, chase after it with everything you have and you will not be disappointed.

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