Worry Free

Worry Free


Don’t Worry. Stamp it out! What If?


The knot in your stomach continues to gnaw at you as you worry about all the contingencies in your life.


Worry………..…Worry………….…Worry … does it ever stop?


What if this or that happens? The possibilities are endless.


Ask yourself what is gained by worrying about all the different possibilities? Anxiety grows the more you worry and dwell on all the “what ifs” that can affect your life. Why dwell on them and what is gained by all your worrying. Anxiety is like a snowball going downhill it grows and grows in size until it overwhelms and consumes you. Worry creates anxiety which eventually steals your zealousness and joy of life. Worry never solves any of your problems or circumstances in your life.

I remember one time I set up a doctor appointment because I was suffering from some lower stomach pain. The symptoms had me concerned because they all pointed towards me having something very serious, so naturally I was extremely worried. When I discussed my symptoms with my doctor he immediately set up test which started the same afternoon. My doctor was concerned; I saw it in his face and heard it in his voice. My mind was racing as I rehearsed again and again what I would say to my wife. I was worried, my kids were ages ten and fifteen how was I going tell them and what would I do? This was ten years ago and fortunately all test came back negative but I still remember how worried I was and nothing came of my worrying. Even if my test would of comeback positive the worrying would not have changed my circumstances.

So why do we worry? It’s exhausting and a waste of a tremendous amount of time and energy. We look ahead thinking of all the events in our life and strategize on how we will be effected and what can we do to improve the outcomes this is normal and not a bad process. There is fine line between being prepared and worrying. Being prepared by rational thoughts and process can actually improve our lives and those around us.


Don’t worry!      Quit fretting!


Fear causes us to worry: the fear of not knowing what the future holds or maybe fear because we do know what the future holds. Here’s an example of both types; if I get a speeding ticket and it’s due to going way over the speed limit so much over the limit I have to appear in court before a judge. My first fear which is known is the judge is going to reprimand me in front of others for breaking the law and being irresponsible my second fear is the amount of my fine or sentence for breaking the law which is unknown. Some fear is naturally good such as the fear we experience when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation such as crossing a busy street, climbing ladder or riding a bicycle due to the level of fear we are very careful. These fears we usually don’t worry about because we have confidence in having a positive outcome so why not have the same confidence in the uncertain circumstances that turn into fear?


Confidence comes from experience, experience comes from doing, doing comes from overcoming fear and overcoming comes from faith in God.


Psalm 34:4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”


When you find yourself losing sleep because of worry the solution is… seek the Lord, very simple. Read your Bible and Pray!



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