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The truth is what we want, but sometimes it’s so for removed from us that when it shows up we don’t recognize it. How is that?

When I was growing up I was taught to always tell the truth, regardless of the circumstances. My mom and dad would say, “We want the truth and nothing but the truth. You will get in less trouble by telling us the truth.” I told them the truth most of the time, out of respect (and, if I were honest, a little fear); however, I do remember those times that when I didn’t tell them the truth, I became nervous, edgy and felt guilty. As I grew up, I read from the Bible that “the truth shall set you free” and realized my parents’ views about the truth were not their original idea but came from the Word of God. Even so, their great advice about the truth was one of the many ingrained characteristics I’ve been blessed with since childhood.

So why is the truth so important to our overall well-being? Think of truth as being of two kinds: truth received and truth told. Considering the first, truth received,
• We all want to hear the truth from our friends and relatives. When they don’t tell us the truth, we lose respect and don’t trust them.
• Purchasing items, we want to know the truth about the product or service we’re buying.
• In medical visits, we want the truth about our health.
• We want the truth about our job, its responsibilities and its possible career paths.
• Spiritual truth is critical, because spiritual growth is important for today and has eternal consequences.

Is there ever a circumstance when we might not want the truth? Probably not. We always want the truth: “Give me the truth and facts, and I’ll deal with it,” probably sums up how most of us feel. We function better and can make better decisions by knowing the truth, even if the truth is sometimes hard to take. Can you imagine trying to improve your health if your medical professional didn’t give you the truth? Not getting the truth now is simply a delay—the truth always surfaces and makes itself known. How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish I knew the truth”? When we hear the truth, we feel better about our decisions, relationships and life in general.

Considering the second, truth told,
• Telling the truth is so easy, because the facts never change. When we share the truth, discuss the truth and spread the truth, we ensure the event’s integrity and our own integrity. Our character continues to solidify and magnify by simply telling the truth. Others can count on what we say as being the unaltered , solid truth, therefore increasing their faith in us and in what we say.
• Another benefit of speaking the truth is a reduction in anxiety: you feel free because there’s no deception.
• Speaking the truth simplifies your life because there’s that much less to remember—it’s just the facts, with nothing added or subtracted.
• Spiritual truth bestows freedom. All my spiritual information comes from the Bible. I believe in heaven and hell and that God sent his son Jesus Christ for my salvation. I have the gift of eternal life because of repenting of my sins and asking Jesus Christ into my life. He heard my prayer and answered by writing my name in the book of life, making a reservation for me in heaven. Having this spiritual truth, this promise of eternal life, has given me the freedom of peace.

Ah . . . the truth!

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