Don’t Give Up!

Never give up! Until your very last breath, never give up. There is always hope that things will work out and get better. How? By having faith and believing in a source of power greater than our own. That can be hard to understand and difficult to accept; after all, that’s why it’s called faith. If we see it, taste it, smell it and touch it, we don’t need faith to believe it, do we? So it takes faith to believe that tomorrow will be a better day and next week will continue to improve and next month will be better yet and next year will be absolutely awesome! We have the tendency, however, to take today’s circumstances and allow them to rule our thoughts about the future. Does anyone know the future?

If you expect bad things to happen, they probably will. Conversely, if you expect good things to happen, there’s the same chance good things will happen. What I recommend is a dose of faith . . . in God the creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father. I have to admit I’m a very simple person and cherish my childlike faith. God said he loves me and I accept that. He promised if I asked for forgiveness he would forgive my trespasses and adopt me as his child and take care of me, which he has for the last fifty-nine years and counting. A little faith can go a long way! Mix it with some determination, prayer and encouragement, and tomorrow will be a better day. God hears and answers prayer. Try it . . . believe it . . . see it . . . watch it. It’s awesome!

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