Tomorrow is a new day!

“Tomorrow is a new day”

It’s amazing how our life can change in just 24 hours, sometimes for the good and other times for the not so good. I want to dwell on the good. In the past 24 hours it seems as if we’ve gone from winter to spring . . . yesterday the weather was cold and rainy with scattered thunderstorms and today the sun shining, birds are chirping and it’s much warmer . Today we adjust our clocks forward by one hour so we have more sunlight in the evening to enjoy the outdoors. We went from winter storms to thunderstorms almost overnight.

We experience good things every day, but we all know some days are extremely challenging and stressful, quashing anything and everything good. The good news is 24 hours later our world and many of our circumstances change. What stressed you and me last week in many cases is gone, fixed or evaporated and no longer exists to aggravate us. Thank God!

It’s remarkable how prayer, a good night’s rest, food and talking with the right person can improve most of our difficult situations. The sequence doesn’t matter; it’s the mix that’s a great recipe for success for the coming 24 hours.

Praying is good any time and when you mix it into your day morning, noon and night, life’s challenges don’t seem so big. They’re still very real and very much something you must deal with; it’s just that it’s much easier when you call on God because you’re sharing the burden with your Heavenly Father. A good night’s rest is critical for any form of success in 24 hours. Some people require more than others, and you surely know what your body needs, so get your rest! Food is another necessity, and I’m not talking about a Whopper, french fries and a chocolate shake. No, I mean a healthy, balanced meal full of good nutrients. The last ingredient for a successful next 24 hours is to talk to someone you trust and who will give you honest, positive encouragement. The appropriate words spoken at the right moment by a good friend can be the perfect uplift!

The next 24 hours . . . tomorrow is a brand-new day full of decisions. Start your tomorrow today with a good night’s rest and prayer. You do your part and anticipate God’s help and He will do his part. Oh, how the next 24 hours can unfold great successes and joy because God is on your side!

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